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Bounce Approach

We are proud to be working with Tracy Chadwick creator of Bounce, the Whole Child Framework, and Founder of the Child Therapy Service CIC, to implement Bounce Back© at Hill View School.

Bounce Back© is an approach that shifts the narrative away from reactive behaviour management systems and focuses instead on addressing the root cause: a dysregulated nervous system.

Children facing suspensionrisk of exclusion, and emotionally-based school avoidance are experiencing burnout because their nervous systems are being triggered into heightened states of stress without their awareness or understanding.

This automatic survival system inhibits their ability to think rationally, focus on learning, use effective self-regulation strategies, or build healthy relationships.

On the outside, we see AGGRESSION and AVOIDANCE, while internally, these children are in a survival state and completely OVERWHELMED.



The Bounce Back© approach not only educates children about their unique nervous system but also empowers them to strengthen and build inner capacity.

Based on a combination of research-based therapeutic models, particularly Dr. Porges Polyvagal framework, our method helps children understand the protecting factors that activate and regulate their system, allowing them to regain a sense of safety.

We help everyone surrounding fully understand the child’s inner world, so that they can meet their needs.

Providing access to resourcestrainingprofessional courses, and support services to give children a future where they are aware and equipped with tools to respond to the ever-changing world around them.

When YOU are truly aware of what is going on:

  • INSIDE a child’s nervous system
  • OUTSIDE in their sensory world
  • IN-BETWEEN their relationships

Then, YOU become the MISSING piece that can put it all together – YOU are the solution.