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Introductory Statement

Hill View School is a new co-educational special free school, established within The Oak Partnership Trust, to cater to the unique needs of children with speech, language, communication (SLCN) and social emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties. Situated in Martock, Ash, South Somerset, the school welcomes learners aged 5-16, providing a tailored learning experience that aligns with the national curriculum while prioritising specialised support and innovative teaching methods.

Tailored Curriculum for Personalised Growth

At Hill View School, the curriculum is meticulously crafted to meet the individual needs of each learner, regardless of their learning style or specific challenges. Our staff employ a range of teaching approaches, encompassing a specialist classroom environment, outdoor learning, vocational education, and kinaesthetic activities. This holistic approach ensures that every learner receives the support and engagement they need to thrive.

Outdoor Learning: Fostering Exploration and Connection

Hill View School recognises the importance of incorporating outdoor learning into the curriculum. Our learners engage in hands-on activities in natural settings, fostering a deeper connection with the environment and promoting physical activity, social interaction, and cognitive development. Outdoor learning provides a unique platform for exploration, creativity, and problem-solving, allowing learners to learn and grow in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Vocational Education: Preparing for Future Pathways

Amidst their academic pursuits, Hill View School learners are actively prepared for their future pathways. Our vocational education program introduces them to various career options, providing hands-on experience and skill development in areas such as catering, horticulture, and retail. This exposure empowers learners to make informed decisions about their future endeavours and equips them with the necessary skills for success in their chosen career.

Kinaesthetic Learning: Engaging the Whole Learner

A cornerstone of Hill View School's pedagogy, emphasises movement and active engagement in the learning process. Learners participate in physical activities, creative movement exercises, and drama-based learning, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts and promoting cognitive development. These kinaesthetic approaches ensure that every learner can actively engage with the curriculum and maximise their learning potential.

Aspirational Environment for Personalised Growth

Hill View School is committed to creating an aspirational environment where learners with SLCN and SEMH needs can thrive. Our dedicated staff, equipped with specialist expertise, collaborate with families to develop personalised learning plans that address individual challenges and foster academic, social, and emotional growth. Within this supportive and inclusive environment, learners are empowered to reach their full potential and prepare for a successful future.

Admission to Hill View School

Opening in September 2024, Hill View School will initially provide 60 places for children and young people in the age range 5-16 with SLCN and SEMH needs named on their Education Health and Care Plan. These numbers will rise incrementally each year to a maximum number on roll of 120 by 2026-27.

For a child to be admitted, the school must be named by a local authority in the child’s education health and care plan. Parents wishing their children to benefit from our provision should ask their local authority to name our school in their child EHCP.

The admissions system for children with an EHCP is different; you do not go through the normal admissions system. Part of the process of getting an EHCP involves getting a 'named' school. This means that you can express a preference for the school you want at the time you first get the EHCP or when your child moves to a different phase of education. If your child is currently placed in a school, you can ask for a change of school at an annual review.

The local authority must then consult with your preferred school. At this stage, the Local Authority will consult with Hill View School to determine whether the school would be appropriate to meet the child’s needs. The school will consider this consultation and will offer a place if this is appropriate to their special educational needs including their academic levels and the school is able to provide this without it being inefficient for the other learners in the school. However, the final decision on whether to name a school lies with the local authority.

It is the local authority that will inform you of the outcome of the consultation. The local authority will also seek consultation with other schools in the area that it considers able to meet your child’s needs.

Further information and guidance can be sought from the Casework Team, contactable through Somerset Direct 0300 123 2224.